Time to see the light!!


Is it a bird?  Is it a plane?

Us lot at Plantmasters were on the prowl to look for a new lighting solution at this year’s Hire Show in Coventry and we weren’t disappointed when we caught sight of the New Apollo UFO LED Light!! To be truthful for me it was because it looked a bit UFO-like! We were so impressed with the sheer reach and brightness of this light (produces 39,000 lumens (300 Watts) of light through a full 360° area) and the fact that the light can be angled to direct the illumination where it’s most needed.  Please though, take my tip, and don’t look directly at one of these suckers like I did – I could almost feel my retinas shrivelling! It was like looking at the surface of the sun!

We actually borrowed one of them to lend out to some of our customers to trial and they were delighted with it. One of those trying it out was Adrian Sawyer, Director of Maplebrooke Ltd. They’ve been building lovely new interiors and much more for a large part of Luton Airport for some time now and it’s really shaping up. If I tell you any more I’m sure to be tailed by men in suits with earpieces driving black Lincoln Navigators (too much telly!)
Adrian said “We used this lighting stand in an empty unit at London Luton Airport and found it provided an excellent amount of light and was very robust - unlike normal site models.”
Have a look at the area Adrian was able to illuminate with just one UFO light!
The light’s been designed to illuminate larger areas either indoors or outdoors, but with SO little effort involved in putting it up! It’s working height can be adjusted from its lowest position of 1.7 metres up to 3.3 metres using the hand winch attached to the retractable tripod stand. The head can easily be removed and the legs folded on the stand for ease of storage and transportation. It comes fitted with a 16 amp 110 volt plug as standard and can be easily changed to 240 volt by simply changing the plug on the 5 metre lead already supplied and fitted.
If you feel that your life and work would be greatly enriched by one of these, rest assured they’re tried, tested and highly rated – and they look like something from another planet! (that might just be me!) Drop us a line if you’re interested in getting your grubby mitts on one at Plantmasters Ltd.