Plantmasters Ltd has arrived at Luton Town Football Club!

We’ve just got two lovely new hoardings and they’ve been erected at Kenilworth Road just in time for Saturday’s game against Watford tomorrow!  Look for the Plantmasters signs near the home dugout in the East Stand and in the West Stand corner. 

Now, I have been called “as mad as a hatter” before but officially our company are now Hatters!  In case you don’t know, Luton Town are called The Hatters because Luton and its surrounding towns and villages were once an internationally important centre for hat-making, leading to the club being given the nickname.  “as mad as a hatter” comes from some of the hat-makers getting overcome by the dodgy fumes in the glue they used as work and ‘not feeling exactly like themselves’ during working hours.  Who knew?!

The club’s crest – and the crest of Luton itself – both still include images of the straw hats for which the town was once world-famous.  So that’s the history, now to business – Luton Town are currently 4th in the Champions League, so all we need is for The Clarets, The Blades and Boro to crash and burn and we’ll be in the Premiership – on your screens, every week!  Now, business friends, if you can help me out with any connections here……………  What do you mean nobbling rival football teams isn’t what social media is for??!!

Have a great week and don’t forget – “Come on you Hatters!!”