A grand day out!



I trundled off to Coventry for the Executive Hire Show at the Coventry Building Society Arena last week with Plantmasters Managing Director Paul Allsop and have been so busy since we got back that I haven’t have the chance to tell you how great it was. 

Of course, I’ve been to trade shows before, but this one was exceptional for me. We’ve been looking at the best ways to help our customers fulfill the green credentials we’re all craving, and have made some strides towards that already, but we were very excited to see how far the technology to replace traditional fuel has come. 

We met up with Frank on the Gölz stand, got reacquainted with Glenn from Trelawny SPT and Daniel from Altrad-Belle on their stand, which was a riot of covetable shiny orange engineering – and sandwiches! We stopped (of course we did) for a quick bite and then moved on to marvel at some of the brightest LED floodlights I’ve ever seen, and the array of solar power hubs and alternative energy on offer was so heartening to see. 

We must have said hello and had a chat with people on most of the stands there – it took us hours, oh but it was time so well-spent! We came out having made some great new contacts, a couple of orders and many, many new plans for the business sparked by the new products that we’d been shown. 

We also made appointments with companies we’d never dealt with before to come and bring demo models of their latest tech for some of our existing customers to try before they buy or hire. For us last Wednesday was definitely a day filled with interesting, passionate people genuinely wanting to make a difference to the way this construction industry of ours works.  You can see from the photos (courtesy of the CEA and EHS) what a great coming together of colleagues and friends with common industry interests this was.

So here’s to a greener, cleaner future for us all – but I’m also looking forward to when this new tech becomes the norm and the prices drop a bit too! You can take the girl out of Yorkshire, but you’ll never take Yorkshire out of the girl! Credit for the fab photos to the Executive Hire Show’s Louise Carney and Chris Moore, thanks you two, and here’s to next year!